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How to classify filter press

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How to classify filter press
          As a universal solid liquid separation equipment, the filter press is widely used in social production. Due to the different needs of the market for filters, the partial focus of the filter press is not the same, so now the filter press has a heavy variety of different categories and different styles of equipment. According to different kinds of filter press standards, such standards include shape, structure and pressure form.
          First, shape classification: as the name implies, filter press according to the shape of the equipment, can be divided into vertical filter press, band filter press and bedroom filter press three types. The horizontal filter press plays a central role in these three categories. The special features of this type of equipment are designed horizontally. Its filter room is arranged horizontally from several filters, which increases the vertical volume of such equipment.. If these filters are designed vertically, they become vertical filters. The shape of the band filter press is characterized by a long filter band on the device, which runs across the device and brings the filter cake out in a continuous stream. Therefore, such equipment is named after a prominent filter band and becomes "band type. Filter."
         Second, structure classification: This is mainly for horizontal filter press, so it can be divided into box filter press, plate frame filter press, diaphragm filter press. The filter structure of the van filter press is made up of the same solid filter board splicing. The filter structure of the panel filter press is a solid filter board and a hollow filter board interlaced. The diaphragm filter press structure is a solid filter plate and a hollow diaphragm filter board staggered arrangement. Since the hollow diaphragm filter plate is the same as the van filter press solid filter plate on the outside, sometimes the diaphragm filter press is also mistaken for the box filter press.
         Third, the classification of pressure forms: The normal work of the filter press requires a strong pressure, and the form of pressure generated by this pressure directly affects the stability of the filter press. The types of pressure provided for the filter press are manual, mechanical, and hydraulic. Therefore, it can be divided into artificial filter press, mechanical filter press and hydraulic filter press, of which hydraulic filter press occupies most of the market share.