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For a long time, tell you how to choose the installation location of the filter press device

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For a long time, tell you how to choose the installation location of the filter press device

1、when the filter press is used to treat sewage, of course, the treatment of sewage is generally a sewage treatment plant. The policy clearly stipulates that sewage treatment plants should be far away from high-voltage power lines and some relatively large construction sites to avoid lightning.

2、carefully read the instructions before installation, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the filter press manufacturers to install the site, such as the filter drain, not set up.
3、The water outlet of the filter press must be far away from clean rivers, so that residents have water protection and avoid unnecessary pollution of public water resources.
4、the filter press must also be prepared to prevent fire and anti-freeze, such as the place in the Northeast is relatively cold, the pressure filter to prevent frostbite and filter leakage, causing pollution to the environment.
5、The filter press should not be placed in a place where the solar energy is directly emitted. It is easy to tan the filter press and cause aging of the parts.
Filter filtration area: 0.5 M2 -1000 M2; Specifications models are: 390, 520, 700, 800, 870, 890, 920, 1000, 1090, 1250, 1286, 1660, 1500X2000, 2000, case 715, case 810, case 1000. The frame materials include reinforced polypropylene, fiberglass polypropylene, polymer, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, aluminum brass, etc.. Pressing methods include manual, Jack, mechanical, hydraulic, program-controlled automatic compression, microcomputer program-controlled automatic, and microcomputer program-controlled fast opening.