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How to classify filter press

How to classify filter press As a universal solid liquid separation equipment, the filter press is widely used in social production. Due to the different needs of the market for filters, the partial focus of the filter press is not the same, so now the filter press has a heavy variety of different categories and different styles of equipment.


Why does a long plunger pump stop working?

Why does a long plunger pump stop working? The scale of the plunger and pump cylinder of the long plunger pump: If the injected water is not recycled, and some oil fields have not been able to meet the increase in the recovery rate of pure water, the injection of polymers has become more and more complicated, and the degree of mineralization has become higher and higher. The likelihood of scaling on plungers and pumps is increasing.


Maintenance Focus of Filter

Maintenance Focus of Filter 1, applicable habits. In the long-term work of the filter, it is often caused by some minor problems in the usage habits that have caused major problems with the equipment over time. Therefore, the user must use it correctly, especially not to open the filter machine on an empty stomach. When this happens, because there is no filtration fluid between the filtration filters, the filter press system provided by the filter press is likely to deform the filter plates and press them into damage, resulting in complete paralysis of the equipment. Therefore, when using the filter press, the maintenance method is to ensure that it is used in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations.


For a long time, tell you how to choose the installation location of the filter press device

193/5000 For a long time, tell you how to choose the installation location of the filter press device. 1, when the filter press is used to treat sewage, of course, the treatment of sewage is generally a sewage treatment plant. The policy clearly stipulates that sewage treatment plants should be far away from high-voltage power lines and some relatively large construction sites to avoid lightning


How should the plunger mud pump be properly used and maintained?

How to use and maintain plunger mud pump correctly? Place in a dry, clean, non-corrosive atmosphere when not in use. 2, quality mud pump electric pumping pump from the delivery date for 3 months, after the deadline if damaged, the company undertake repair business, and other components, we sincerely welcome the majority of users to the series of Zhongtai pump improvement suggestions. 3, electric pumping pump should be regularly inspected, generally at least once every three months, often used should be serviced once a month, overhaul should be all open, treatment of internal dust, oil pollution, if there is too much ash on the commutator can be used alcohol scrub the surface of the commutator. In case of damaged parts, the same parts should be replaced with the high quality mud pump.